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13 reasons to join your local parkrun

parkrun turns 13 years old this month! To celebrate #parkrun13, we’ve got 13 reasons why you should join your local parkrun 1. It can make you happier Physical exercise releases lots of lovely endorphins to help boost your mood and protect your brain from stress-induced depression, say researchers at Sweden’s Karolinksa Institute. 2. It’s on…

10 ways to banish your gym floor fears

Personal trainer Emily Cole shares 10 ways to boost your confidence and own your workout at the gym There’s no denying that the gym can be a daunting place sometimes, with 80% of us dropping out within the first eight weeks of signing up due to feeling uncomfortable or suffering from ‘gymtimidation’. Sport England’s recent…

Joe Root’s #MySummerGoal journey

English cricket captain Joe Root shares his active goal for the summer and his advice for keeping your head in the game How do you go from practicing on the driveway at five years old to captaining the English cricket team? We share the secrets to Joe’s success and his tips on how to stay motivated…