When it’s cold outside, it can feel like your energy is being sapped just going about your daily routine. Why not give the following a go for a boost of energy first thing?


Overnight oats, almond milk and sliced banana

It’ll take you less than two minutes to prepare this breakfast before you go to bed, which will be a worthwhile investment come the morning. Pour your rolled oats into a bowl, cover with almond milk and leave to soak overnight (around eight hours will do it). If you like, add some chia seeds (1 teaspoon) for omega 3, extra crunch and a thicker consistency. The oats are full of fibrehelping to prolong our bodies’ satiety and prevent that 11 o’clock dip when the biscuit tin starts to look more and more attractive. The almond milk also provides us with immune system-boosting nutrients that are essential during the colder months of the year. Before tucking in, top in the morning with freshly sliced banana for a boost of energy.



Once vilified by doctors and scientists alike, research now suggests that an egg a day won’t increase our risk of heart disease, with the natural cholesterol found in them having a much smaller effect on cholesterol levels than saturated fats. An egg in the morning is a great energy booster and is considered a complete protein – with it containing a decent proportion of all nine essential amino acids that can’t be produced by the human body. Poaching eggs limits the fat and calories used to cook the egg, compared to scrambling, baking or frying. Eat your egg on a slice of wholegrain or rye bread with smashed avocado for some extra nutrition, or simply take your eggs to work in a container with avocado and spinach for a healthy pot on the go.


Almond butter on wholegrain bread

Almonds are great at boosting our energy in the morning. The little brown nuts are packed with a combination of energy-enriching nutrients, including vitamin E and magnesium, which itself aids in the production of energy and boosts mood. Almond butter is also a lot healthier than their peanut cousin’s, which contains quite high levels of saturated fats per serving. If spreading almond butter on anything, choose a complex carbohydrate such as whole grain bread – our bodies digest and absorb complex carbohydrates slowly, providing us with the long-lasting energy we crave.


A single cup of coffee

Research suggests that a cup of black coffee not only boosts our energy but is also a rich source of magnesium, B vitamins, zinc and copper. Try to limit yourself to a cup of java a day. Beware though: although that caramel latte with extra chocolate sprinkles on top does contain coffee, it also contains an awful lot of sugar and fat! Drinking a coffee without any milk and sugar is the healthier option.

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