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7 foods that are good for your bones and joints

We ask nutritionist Sarah O’Neill for the best foods to keep our bones and joints healthy and ward off skeletal problems With skeletal problems such as osteoporosis affecting three million people in the UK, it’s becoming more important to look after our bone health. As we age, we lose calcium and other minerals from our…

What to eat after your workout

Personal trainer and nutritionist Sarah O’Neill tells you everything you need to know about eating for recovery post-workout Eating the right foods after your workout can help you refuel, rehydrate and recover. The best post-workout foods will also help to repair your muscles and enable you to fully reap the benefits of your session – and…

How to fuel up before your workout

Personal trainer and nutritionist Sarah O’Neill gives her advice on the best foods to fuel your workout and when to eat them Knowing which foods to eat before you exercise is vital for a winning workout. Hitting the gym on an empty stomach can lead to a listless, lack-lustre effort, while eating the wrong foods…