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5 signs you’re not drinking enough water

One challenge during hot weather is ensuring that we drink enough fluids. Writer Rae Ritchie investigates the warning signs of dehydration – and asks the experts what we can do to prevent it. It’s not just gardens that are wilting in this summer’s heatwave: a massive 89% of people in the UK aren’t drinking enough…

7 easy money lessons to teach your kids now

Lifestyle writer Rae Ritchie asks six parents for the healthy money lessons they’re teaching their children. Did you know that we form money habits by the age of 5? Which means it’s as important to teach your kids about the fundamentals of finance as it is to teach them how to tie their shoe laces,…

How to meditate in just two minutes

Curious about meditation but never found the time to do it? Wellbeing writer Rae Ritchie offers four simple ways to start – whether you have 2 or 20 minutes. Most of us know that meditation lowers stress and improves our health, but trying to fit it into our busy schedules can sometimes have the opposite…