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Peach and lemongrass cup

Why not swap the Pimms for this showstopper? It smells wonderful, and the woody, citrus notes of lemongrass stop it from becoming too sweet. This is one to make when the shops and markets are full of peaches, and you can come home with a whole boxful Serves 2 You will need: Tumblers Muddler Jug…

Beetroot Virgin Mary

This is a healthier version of the classic Bloody Mary, using beetroot juice as the base. The nutrient-rich juice is earthy and sweet, but be mindful that beetroots have the highest sugar content of any vegetable Serves 2 You will need: Large jug 2 tall glasses Ingredients 500ml beetroot juice Juice of 2 limes (reserve…

Cucumber and elderflower cooler

An alternative to the classic gin and tonic, this is a deliciously sophisticated drink with aromatic notes of basil and rosemary. The cucumber gives the drink a clean, green freshness, which makes it the perfect aperitif Serves 1 You will need: Highball glass Muddler Ingredients For the rosemary syrup (makes 400ml): 200g sugar 200ml water…