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How to look after your sexual health, whatever your age

Being conscious of your sexual health isn’t just something for teenagers, as health journalist Ceri Moorhouse explains… Your sexual health probably isn’t something you think about very often as you grow older, but it shouldn’t just be a conversation for teenagers or university students. With over 29,500 new sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnoses in 45-64-year-olds…

Are you a stress eater?

Health journalist Ceri Moorhouse asks the experts why we crave sugary, fatty foods in times of stress and what you can do to take control. Whether in times of stress, boredom, loneliness or sadness, many people use food to help them cope with their feelings. But what is the science behind this? Emotional or stress…

7 foods that may help with anxiety

Certain foods could help to reduce symptoms of anxiety – health journalist Ceri Moorhouse discovers seven ingredients that may ease your daily worries. Anxiety is a common disorder with most people experiencing symptoms ranging from feeling worried and on edge to experiencing heart palpitations or sleeplessness. There are many types of disorder – and some…