The squat is one of the foundation stones of a good exercise routine that is both great for weight-loss and building strength.The Squat Strength 30-Day Challenge has been developed by Virgin Active Master Personal Trainer, Tom Atkinson and is is based around squats and their multiple variations that you can do at home and in the gym. The illustrations and How-To videos below will help you with your squat technique so that you get the most from the move, and if you don’t have all the equipment, not to worry! Tom’s come up with some simple swaps that can be easily integrated into the routine.

The Plan

Download and print the plan here

Challenge Infographic_male_v4

How to:

1. Bar Squats


2. Lunges


3. Bodyweight Squats


4. Jump Squats


5. Hip Bridges


6. TRX Single Leg Squats


7. Mountain Climbers


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