How to resist the lure of sugary treats

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter gives her indispensable advice on the healthier alternatives to sugary snacks, with tips to help you beat your sweet cravings With the news full of stories covering the negative affects of sugar – from links to weight gain and heart disease to how addictive it can be – we ask nutritionist Fiona Hunter…



7 ways to avoid falling off the Dry January wagon

Have you started on the Dry January challenge this month? Cara Barrett from Alcohol Concern has all the advice you need for staying on track “Dry January isn’t about never drinking again or punishing yourself,” says Alcohol Concern’s Cara Barrett. “It’s just a chance for you to reflect on your drinking patterns and to give your…

5 common health questions asked by men

With Movember this month and International Men’s Day on 19 November, men’s health is very much in the spotlight. Vitality’s Head of Clinical Services, GP Dr Dawn Richards, answers five of men’s most-asked health questions 1. I sometimes have trouble urinating. Should I be worried? One of the most common causes of having trouble urinating…


5 reasons to do a digital detox

Digital detox expert Tanya Goodin gives her advice on taking up a digital detox challenge and the benefits of stepping away from the screen “We now spend an average of 8 hours 45 minutes on screens each day with a fifth spent on ‘media multi-tasking’: doing more than one digital activity simultaneously,” says Tanya Goodin,…

12 surprisingly healthy date ideas

Fancy trying something new? Try one of these fun and healthy ideas for your next date Spending time together needn’t always mean a takeaway and a bottle of wine. According to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, couples who try new things together have higher-quality relationships and couples who get healthy together are three times…


11 tried and tested tricks to help you transform

If you’re looking to transform your health for 2017, who better to take inspiration from than our four amazing Vitality members who completed their 10-week transformation plan? These trusted tips will help you achieve a healthier body and mind for good We gave four Vitality members –Jamie Barnes, Sharon Salter, Samantha Bates and Kevin Molesley…


Win tickets to Vitality sports partner matches

EXPERIENCE UNFORGETTABLE SPORTING MOMENTS WITH VITALITY VIP Vitality members have the chance to win tickets to see our partners in action. Vitality is the Official Wellness Partner of Arsenal FC, AFC Bournemouth, Liverpool FC, Liverpool Ladies FC, Manchester City FC, Manchester City Women, England Rugby, Scottish Rugby, the Welsh Rugby Union and the UK’s Cricket…

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