7-minute HIIT upper body workout

Looking for a workout you can easily fit into a busy day? Follow Vitality partner Virgin Active’s trainer Jordan Shelley through this 7-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, focused on the upper body – to help achieve defined arms and shoulders, and increase upper body strength. Always check with your GP before making any significant…


How to give up when you’re a ‘social’ smoker

Colleen Dwyer from Vitality partner Allen Carr’s Easyway reveals the truth behind social smoking and the implications of having the ‘odd’ cigarette 1.1 million people in the UK call themselves social or part-time smokers. If you fit into this category, the NHS Stoptober initiative starting 1 October could be the perfect time to give up for good. We…

5 ways women can protect their health

Women are often so busy and eager to look after everyone else that sometimes they forget to make time to look after themselves. However, there are certain key steps all women should take to make sure they stay healthy for years to come – and that includes keeping an eye out for health issues that are…


7 tricks to de-stress before bed

With 10 million working days lost to stress every year, we asked our favourite bloggers and experts for their top tips for unwinding at the end of the day. 1. Sleep o’clock “Swap your phone alarm for an alarm clock. When I’m ready to get 40 winks, I leave my phone outside my bedroom. I…



Win tickets to Vitality sports partner matches

EXPERIENCE UNFORGETTABLE SPORTING MOMENTS WITH VITALITY VIP Vitality members have the chance to win tickets to see our partners in action. Vitality is the Official Wellness Partner of Arsenal FC, AFC Bournemouth, Liverpool FC, Liverpool Ladies FC, Manchester City FC, Manchester City Women, England Rugby, Scottish Rugby, the Welsh Rugby Union and the UK’s Cricket…

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