The cardio-hater’s guide to working out

Does slogging it out in a spin class fill you with fear? Or maybe you just don’t feel like getting sweaty today? Personal trainer Sarah O’Neill shares the best workouts for the cardio-averse. For everyone aged from 19 to 64, the NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic (think cycling or brisk walking) or 75…


How to look after your sexual health, whatever your age

Being conscious of your sexual health isn’t just something for teenagers, as health journalist Ceri Moorhouse explains… Your sexual health probably isn’t something you think about very often as you grow older, but it shouldn’t just be a conversation for teenagers or university students. With over 29,500 new sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnoses in 45-64-year-olds…

Re-thinking sleep: the new science you need to know

Bestselling author, neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker reveals five revelatory ways to think about sleep and why you need to start prioritising your shut-eye today. Professor Matthew Walker has spent the past 20 years researching sleep and in his latest book, the bestselling Why We Sleep, he investigates the new science of why we…


How to meditate in just two minutes

Curious about meditation but never found the time to do it? Wellbeing writer Rae Ritchie offers four simple ways to start – whether you have 2 or 20 minutes. Most of us know that meditation lowers stress and improves our health, but trying to fit it into our busy schedules can sometimes have the opposite…


7 easy money lessons to teach your kids now

Lifestyle writer Rae Ritchie asks six parents for the healthy money lessons they’re teaching their children. Did you know that we form money habits by the age of 5? Which means it’s as important to teach your kids about the fundamentals of finance as it is to teach them how to tie their shoe laces,…


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